Zoo season 3 premiere


So the plan was to wait and right about the premiere, but I honestly am not even sure what I just got. That was a ton of confusing with a whole lot of questions.

So many secrets and this feeling of skipping books 5-8 in a series and trying to read #9. It just doesn’t work. There are new and old players for sure, but a whole lot of story that is simply missing. 

Jackson seems over his girl, Chloe dying and has a new one and…super powers? 

Mitch has 2 daughters floating around and just about died because of machoness, not on his part obvs.

Abraham is a…doctor? Which is cool with him and wifey, Dariela and son, but…why? And is the broness that is Jackson and Abraham dead?? Better not be. 

And Jamie….not even gonna start on this spy craziness. Has she gone to therapy yet? Cuz it sure doesn’t seem like it. Was that bomb meant for her or the other guy? Why are there bombs in the first place? Also if that wall thing becomes a political thing about Trump I’m just gonna walk away from the tv.

James Patterson….after reading his Maximum Ride series I begin to understand where this show is headed. I hope this ends a bit better than his first try at a stopping point that led to another book having to go through. I also wonder…does he have an agenda about population control?

On the whole it was a good first week, but I would have preffered twould hours if they were going to have so many new things thrown at the audience.


Spoilers if you haven’t seen the latest, ‘Strife on Mars’.
I love this show, however, this particular episode was hard to watch. It goes over when Walter was stuck in a rocket with really no oxygen and dying because of it. He finally remembers and feels supremely embarrassed. 

He then fires Paige.

The woman he loves. 

Who tells him to ‘go to hell’. 

All together this makes sense to me. He doesn’t handle failure or embarrassment well at all. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t see this coming. 

They kept something vastly important from him thinking it was best for him. I don’t disagree that they should have but I also think…he didn’t kill any body. Why would you keep something from him that wasn’t as critical as someone died. 

On his part, no, he shouldnt have fired her. She’s family to the team. However, I also get it. I really, really get it. Running is all he has and she has made it painfully obvious that she doesn’t want to be with him.

On her part, she is VASTLY lying to herself about liking Walter and maybe even loving, and I don’t really uderstand why she is doing this. Is it because of the first guy? It is so vastly annoying and I juse want her to stop treating Walter like a kid and acting like she herself is a kid on the playground with a boy pulling her pigtails. 

All too dumb. I hope this is wasn’t what the real Walter acted like. Cuz…for 197 IQ he is really a dumb man.