Target: travel journal review

So a friend gave me a Target gift card and I was itching to get this travel journal. I don’t like spiral bounds or similar; I like journals that feel like books. This one however had so many good trimmings that I bought it. (Along with a pair of jeans๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‰) 

I am so thrilled to have it and have already placed the red and blue stickers to say where I have been and where I want to go. I was pleasently surprised to note that the stickers were well balanced. 2 places, though, I am literally just going for the tea. ^^

Also I learned why the rings are really good. If you want to pull the stickers from one area or simply move things so their easily accessible, it’s convenient.  The folders are good too for putting in photos, but there’s a clear slot for that as well.

I’m planning a trip as soon as I have the funds and this will be good to have, sure. However, I also bought this because I love travel. Foodie and traveller mix well, eh? 

Here’s the site if you want more info or to buy:


Target surprise “haul”

I admit this “haul” is small…ha, rhyming. However this is special as it came from a friend for a late birthday present. I got three of those actually.

I saw this pack of notebooks for $6 and the pens that I have run out of, but are the ones that are best for me. Though I have changed from the 1.0 mm to .7 as it has a cleaner line. I plan to go back, for personal items…or tea, but still wanted to share my happiness.

I was feeling bad that I had celebrated by myself this year and a very small group of friends, but then at the end of the time…why hadn’t my other friends done anything? 

I was just feeling a bit dumpy and itchy ad I processed my feelings. Later three people gave me cards and a geek shirt: 

and I felt a bit more loved. 

It’s hard as an adult when you finally choose you and then no one else does…odd.

Though…not hating, either…I think.

I’m simply feeling, not making any action passive or otherwise to be mad at anyone…just having feels.