‘P.S. I Like You’ review

This week I finally got a ok book from the library. 

‘P.S. I Like You’ is a quick snack rom com that is holding some real depth to it. Underneath all of this teenage angst is this deep pain and hurt. I skipped through the beginning and got to their penpaling back and forth. I am usually intrigued by people who write to one another within a novel. It seems slightly ironic somehow, or maybe appropriate. The author deals with the young man’s sense of loss with his father that is fairly appropriate as opposed to arbitrary. Her other novels usually include a bit of realness that doesn’t simply add or eclipse the story, but is the under current professing the story. Necessary for its flow. Not the best book, but as I have said it isn’t about things being great or awesome, it’s about the moment and having the best in it for that moment. 

Shake Shack and ‘Something Borrowed’ review

This week I tried Shake shack for this first time. This was based on watching this ‘worth it’ video:

Also this week I watched ‘Something Borrowed’. Which had a special restaurant showcased…dun dun dun…Shake Shack. 🙂

Was this the best movie? Was this the best food? No.

However, it was very tasty. I was quite pleased with both. There is something about food and movies that are just right for the moment. 

I even tried the burge with peanut butter. This is quite tasty with the pickles, but not alone. The p.b. is quite strange. The burger is just a normal burger, but those pickles are great. The ambiance is decidedly hipster and the tvs had the RDJ Sherlock Holmes instead of BBC. Not a place for geeks really, but still a cool vibe to it.

The movie was also just a nice movie about a woman choosing to look at herself, choices and what she really wants. EX THAN was the stand out for me just like the pickles. Normal rom com with bad people who are trying to fall in love and not doing a good job of it.

‘The Memory book’ review

The Memory Book“.

Have I mentioned how addicted I am to Hallmark?

I found this on youtube by accident and fell in love with this beautiful and sad story.

I emulate with Chloe who doesn’t want any part of love because it doesn’t seem to exist or last. She meets this bartender ‘kitchen sink’ kind of guy, Gabe, who helps her with finding the owners of this Memory Book which is so full of love that she thinks maybe it can happen.

I don’t want to spoil it, but it doesn’t go well, the end is Hallmark happy, but there is a lot of heartbreak in the meantime.

I have had days where love didn’t exist for me, and not in the terms of I don’t have a boyfriend kind, but in the terms of choosing to say that love can’t happen. Which in hindsight is hilarious because of the whole God saying he IS love thing and me being you know, in love with him. Ha, oh so many puns I want to make with that.

The thing that stood out in this story was that Chloe meets someone she clicks with and then chooses to walk away.

Being with just anyone isn’t okay.

Finding someone you click with and running away in fear, isn’t okay either.

She had NO drama with him. She was just afraid that it would eventually die.

I haven’t found anyone I click with, had certain qualifications and I felt safe with. Sometimes I get one and on a rare hot sunny day in England I get two, but three is still the goal.

I often wonder if my standards are off, but then I look at movies like this and think, if I settle for two of those things and not wait for three then I really will be losing love.