Notebook making 2

So for my birthday I created this beauty. Inside, it looks like this:

It looks like a real notebook. As opposed to some things that I have made that make me shutter. I got the outer paper from michael’s from my haul and just finished it. All together it probably took 2 days start to finish with a month in between as I vacillated on the outer paper.

The inner paper just came from a sketchbook that I had. (Happy-making) And though I sewed those papers together I stapled them to the main hard board to keep it together. This required me to use the stapler open and then fold the staples down by hand. Currently looking at betterm options on youtube. Also made a few mistakes with the board itself so I encourage anyone who does this to look at instructions carefully and then go through the steps on paper. It helps to have a list that’s from your own hand/mind.

Either way, happy birthday to me! ;D

Michael’s haul

Today I got a wood burner as a gift. I was given a gift card. The woodburner was something I had talked to a friend about and she advised me on a different one for a lower price than over $100. This was about $15 plus tax. I got a few pieces of wood in order to test it. Ranginger from 29 cents to a dollar. The light bulb is to make a terrarium.

We shall see how all of this goes.