So yesterday I was FINALLY able to see Rogue One. I took this with the blue light of my TV cuz….probably it was the benedryl I took, but still.

So, this took my family off guard. 

The opening doesn’t play the usual “where we are in time” thing and it makes sensemble after you see the whole movie because they wanted it to be a surprise of how this all connects. 

I remember people wondering if the woman who plays Rae was the daughter of the woman in this movie and I got to the end and thought “Well, that’s a NOPE.” 

Also getting to the end I was actually quite surprised that I wasn’t upset. Usually if even one good charachter dies I’m crying or droning on about unfairness, but this movie was played so well for me that it all made sense for a long run thing. 

We’re their gaps in the movie? Probably. I am not the one to notice these things though. I enjoy things for what they are in the same way that I am not always eating a Lawry’s meal every night. Even if I did, I don’t like steak enough and it is for special occasions with 2-7 year spacing in between. Sometimes I just want ramen and other times I will have the usual tacos. Point is that this movie was a solid meal that I was pleased with and connected the universe in a good…if not heartbreaking way. 


  1. I did not like Diego Luna. The minute you kill a co-conspirato, I’m done. 
  2. The trailers played Jyn Erso as a very different ‘me against the world” type so I was just expecting a harder character. 
  3. Could have done without Saw Gerrera…he was just stupid weird to me. Like who he was with the pilot versus Jyn was two different people and not in the way that my dad is one way with me and a different way with his students. This was like split personality different. 
  4. I really should have seen this in theaters. The scenery was so epic and I missed out.


  1. The CGI was off the hook for once!
  2. Being surprised by the film.
  3. Watching a historic/brand new/timey wimpy “Great Escape” that makes things make a lot more sense.
  4. Chirrut Imwe-Donnie Yen…no more needs to be said for this man.
  5. K-2SO….I need him. Alan Tudykusually scares the heck out of me, but this time I wanted a whole other movie just with his sass. Where can I get his action figure that just sasses?
  6. Also I liked Jyn’s character better than I though it was going to be I just didn’t like that it was so different in the trailers.

So this is my review. On the whole, I liked it and if they make more like this I would appreciate them.

….even though if it is about Palpatine…I will have mixed feelings….like a lot. (Can’t stand his creepiness.)

Off to watch the Blacklist! 

It’s hard to stop huh?

I have been at this for over a week now and I am finding it hard to let this blogging go. I have found such sweet release and even answers. As I began to write I found that I began to think about other things and began to get more conclusions.

I have to thank Scott Dinsmore, from [].

I signed up for his emails a few weeks ago, maybe 2 months and I found a group of kindred spirits with those people. He ended up giving a challenge, start your own blog. I thought I had nothing to say until I came home after church and almost cursed around my mother saying that all of you people allow no hope in the world! So what if I wan to be married and have kids and never work another day in my life in some industry, if it makes me happy who are you to say ANYTHING?? It had nothing to do with church or any of the people I had met I had just heard one thing too many from too many people too many.

(That was a weird statement. 🙂 )

My mum gently told me Amy, ignore those people, even me, and focus on what God is telling you and enjoy it. And go take a sleep it is passed your nap time. And of course she was right. I’m like the Snickers commercial, I need naps, food, music and Jesus. If I don’t have the following in the right order than an emergency tea is needed followed by the thing. I like that about myself, I am very easy to figure to fix and then we can move onto things like what’s going to happen on the next Doctor Who and what Song of Solomon is really saying or even better the best way to make Jesus laugh.

I have gotten WAY off topic. Either way, Days after the deadline for Scott Dinsmore ‘Do a blog’ challenge, I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to say:

I need hope, any body else with me on this one?

However now I am finding I am going to bed way to late thinking about what I should write about next and the expectation of writing and all sorts related. HA! Another piece of hope. Hopefully it becomes contagious.