Shake Shack and ‘Something Borrowed’ review

This week I tried Shake shack for this first time. This was based on watching this ‘worth it’ video:

Also this week I watched ‘Something Borrowed’. Which had a special restaurant showcased…dun dun dun…Shake Shack. 🙂

Was this the best movie? Was this the best food? No.

However, it was very tasty. I was quite pleased with both. There is something about food and movies that are just right for the moment. 

I even tried the burge with peanut butter. This is quite tasty with the pickles, but not alone. The p.b. is quite strange. The burger is just a normal burger, but those pickles are great. The ambiance is decidedly hipster and the tvs had the RDJ Sherlock Holmes instead of BBC. Not a place for geeks really, but still a cool vibe to it.

The movie was also just a nice movie about a woman choosing to look at herself, choices and what she really wants. EX THAN was the stand out for me just like the pickles. Normal rom com with bad people who are trying to fall in love and not doing a good job of it.

Reading slump

I have been very close to ripping out my hair as I have been in a ‘story slump’. I can’t find a good book, manga, movie or tv series that I like right now. Other than the usual staples and since Doctor Who is back I feel a bit better.

But it feels like there is nothing out there for me. I have all this tea and nothing to drink it too. I mean I can find something, but nothing that lasts. There have been times that I have had 20 to choose from and I could just take my time.

I think part of the reason is that I don’t know where I’m going right now.

Books have always held answers. Answers for understanding life and the world and especially people. And right now I’m making a habit of looking inward. For my answers, for my choices, for where I want to go next.

I haven’t known what I wanted and where to go, because I didn’t know how to choose the paths that I wanted. It’s not easy to say that what I want is to go to the land of Oz for the summer and enjoy the cold weather or that I really want to go to New Orleans next spring for Mardi Gras or that I want to enjoy my friends graduation, but somehow still want to leave here and thinking that she will hate me for leaving.

She and my mum have their own dreams and all of them are here.

Except for a few goals…all of my dreams are away from here. They are in Morocco and Egypt. They’re in cars, planes-private and public, bullet trains and subways. They involve foods from everywhere and love in the places I go. They include family members that I will acquire and TONS of notebooks filled with their pictures and our adventures.

This is what makes me smile. These are where my dreams are. This the story I want to read.

I just have to choose my own dreams over my loved one’s dreams/comfort.

I have to choose MY story.

‘The Memory book’ review

The Memory Book“.

Have I mentioned how addicted I am to Hallmark?

I found this on youtube by accident and fell in love with this beautiful and sad story.

I emulate with Chloe who doesn’t want any part of love because it doesn’t seem to exist or last. She meets this bartender ‘kitchen sink’ kind of guy, Gabe, who helps her with finding the owners of this Memory Book which is so full of love that she thinks maybe it can happen.

I don’t want to spoil it, but it doesn’t go well, the end is Hallmark happy, but there is a lot of heartbreak in the meantime.

I have had days where love didn’t exist for me, and not in the terms of I don’t have a boyfriend kind, but in the terms of choosing to say that love can’t happen. Which in hindsight is hilarious because of the whole God saying he IS love thing and me being you know, in love with him. Ha, oh so many puns I want to make with that.

The thing that stood out in this story was that Chloe meets someone she clicks with and then chooses to walk away.

Being with just anyone isn’t okay.

Finding someone you click with and running away in fear, isn’t okay either.

She had NO drama with him. She was just afraid that it would eventually die.

I haven’t found anyone I click with, had certain qualifications and I felt safe with. Sometimes I get one and on a rare hot sunny day in England I get two, but three is still the goal.

I often wonder if my standards are off, but then I look at movies like this and think, if I settle for two of those things and not wait for three then I really will be losing love.

Soul bathtime

This week I had the pleasure of going to a women’s tea, which is a brilliant thing my church hosts once a year. We had a similar one that was more of a Sabbath day, but also had tea. So a bit confusing in lingo terms.

We had one speaker this time and she spoke about many things, but I took away these:

  • Receive your ‘Belovedness’
  • Let your heart speak to God without holding back
  • He can handle it
  • Let God mourn with you
  • You are beloved before you even start ministry or go through hard times. (Matthew 3:16-17)
  • Let God honor your feelings, it helps you to honor them as ell

I was on my period at the time and was whacked out before we even got there. I usually stay home, but that time my heart was just wanting to go and I was right. It was like having a spiritual bath or being at the spa with friends. I enjoyed myself so much, I cried.

We even had this time of prayer and talking to one person. And the both of us were surprised at what the other was praying since it spoke so perfectly to our situations.

I am so thankful to the ladies who made this happen and also to God for encouraging me to listen to my heart. I didn’t spend time socializing, but I didn’t need to. They were already the blessing I needed.

Creative Process Tag

What do you create?
I like creating….stories. This is in multiple forms, so sometimes that can mean acting or writing or singing out an idea, then I have images that need to be drawn so there isn’t one form.  I also enjoy creating journals and boxes as of late
What do you need to create?
A good journal, a drink based on weather, snacks and some form of music. (Even if this is the rain outside or the wind.)
Coffee or tea?
TEA. Unless I’m at a party and having an after dinner refreshment, then it’s coffee.
Night or day?
Night. Days have too many people.
Where do you find inspiration?
People, videos, manga, really whatever is kind of in my life at the moment.
Routine or wing it?
Oooo, this depends on my cycle…so at times of the month I will have a set list of things I need to do. At other times in my cycle, I wing it.
Typical artistic challenge?
Ugh, if I don’t talk to God or my friend or if I have something I am emotionally working through, I get so very stuck and can’t really do anything. Then I forget and think I’m fine and days or weeks later I haven’t created anything and I break down in tears.
Role models?
Umm…Currently don’t have one. I’m looking to be myself and not imitate at the moment…which is harder then I thought it would be…
Favorite snacks for creativity?
Life cereal, chips in general, sour worms, Baby Ruths, tea of some kind.
How do you push through creative blocks?
Talk to someone about emotional issues. Sometimes I just sit and talk to the walls in my room because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling and just want to curse and be mad. Also dancing and singing at the top of my lungs really helps.
Ideal creative day?
Actually starts days in advance. I would have done all the prep items. The day of I wake up when I feel like it, in a hotel room, and talk to God for an hour. Have a snack breakfast, maybe swim in a pool. Go to the spa with friends or just my mum if its the Korean one. *blush* Have a great slow lunch. Go to a garden of some kind and for as long as it takes me do my project. Taking tea breaks and just go until it is finished, scream and run around for 5 minutes to celebrate. Relax as either the sun goes down or watching the stars. Eat some sort of leftover dinner and have a special dessert and tea.
Advice for young artists?
If you do anything artistically, do a bunch of it. Get a CHEAP thing that can record your stuff and just do or say anything. Hide it away if you need to and then let it flow without the consequences of critique from anyone, even you. The more you do, the more your brain adjusts. And if you need help, find the right people, not everyone is looking out for you or knows what they are doing.
Sum up your creative process in one sentence!
GO, GO, GO, nothing, learn a thing, start all over.
(optional) do you have any artistic quirks?
I can get so in my head that I don’t notice people talking to me. I can also literally answer and have a conversation and hours later ask if we even had a conversation. If I’m in the mode, it’s better to just leave me alone.


I wanted to try this challenge by ‘Overall Adventures’. She has been an amazing person in my life right now, and is currently helping me through artistic and personal blocks through her videos which I highly recommend.

‘Voice Over! Seiyu Academy’ Review

‘SeiyĹ« ka-!’ is a manga by Maki Minami that I recently Seiyuu ka cover.jpgfinished and is just incredibly funny and heart pulling. The Story revolves around Hime Kino who just wants to be a voice actor for a favorite show of hers.

There are SPOILERS ahead, so be forewarned. Came out in 2009 though so….

This is ‘Skip Beat’. I say this kindly as I do love both stories, but it is true. I’m not sure when it started but I knew after Senri Kudou, the guy she looks up to and is already in the industry, makes her a horrible omelet. There are so many similar plot and or character moments that it is odd, but this one is completed and moves at a faster pace while Skip Beat is still going annoyingly strong.

The story is different in that with ‘Skip Beat’ she is good at what she does, but simply doesn’t understand love. This young lady, just can’t seem to get her voice to act cute or even sound like a girl. She comes off sounding like an old man. This makes a producer want to use her after she makes her voice sound like a handsome prince. My favorite scene is at the end when she is using all the prince voices and is also able to use her old man voice for the same character.

There is some violence toward her from this Senri Kudou that I just can’t get behind.

Reading it though…I realized that someone I know is a tsundere and it has made talking to them both funnier and easier. They ask me if I want something and it sounds more like a threat than actual choice. With these lenses I find they are so sweet and just want to give me stuff because they love me, but have no clue how to do so nor how to accept their own feelings.

One day I hope to meet the author and say thank you as my relationship with this person is so much better because of this.

On a different note, Senri Kudou’s mother needs to have some therapy, and then her son does as well.  I won’t say anymore about that, but it is very true.

I really encourage this book as a nice snack if you are in between books. There are a lot of light hearted moments, a few feels and just an enjoyable plot.

Second forewarning: The ending is very sudden, but still worth it.

RTW: My dark night of the soul

Looking at this particular video reminds me of a friend, they really look alike to me, but also they have a similar way of speech and it is odd. It feels like it is my friend who is talking and ministering to my soul instead of this stranger who I don’t know.

I have been in a dark few YEARS of the soul. It wasn’t until God confronted me with my habits that I even figured out that there was a problem. I found out that I was deeply depressed, angry, resentful and all the things Christians shouldn’t be. I just buried them instead of dealing, healing or anything. I didn’t know.

On this side where I have gone through this identity stripping I have been left with this women I don’t even know, but I have to choose whether or not I want to accept her. More I find I have to take care of her differently then I thought was even necessary. It’s like finding a baby or teen runaway and taking care of them, but then reaching a point and thinking, “…huh, this is a long term thing, am I prepared for this?”

The harder things:

  • Changing moment to moment because I’m not confident in my choices
  • Knowing my choices and not wanting to do them for a bunch of reasons
  • Being afraid of goodness
  • Feeling lost at how much I don’t like the things in my soul and not really knowing how to change that

This is a shorter one because I am simply hurting emotionally right now.

I am so mad at my family and it isn’t their fault any more than you can get mad at a person for something they do and you haven’t told them. I am this new person and my senses seem stuck on high and I simply need to let them rest.