Last day

Today I did three things on ‘this year’-short term goal-mini bucket list.

Which makes 51 in total from this year when I started in January. I put myself 6th in line from God, family, friends, acquaintances and the rest of the world. That’s what I thought Christianity was about, and its really not. It isn’t about self indulgence either. It’s about walking hand in hand with God and where the two of you decide to go and what to do, the two of you make happen. Lots of conversations and all of wisdom going into the decisions that make up one single life. That may mean staying home and chilling, calling a friend and encouragin them or maybe it’s going out and telling tons of people how much God has helped you. 

Point is, my life really was about people telling me what God wanted, instead of simply asking him myself. 

This year of writing has been more of the asking but specifically about joy and he answered on a ton of ways. Sometimes I just dumped out my thoughts, others I walked and took pictures and posted them and my favorite: looking at what I want and making them happen. Chronicling the whole way. Not for anyone else, but to remind myself, this is for God AND me. And we’re doing good, I’m learning to roar in so many different ways; joy is only one.

Thanks for everyone who read, liked or commented, it really encouraged me. I won’t put a time on when I will exactly start up again or what I will post, but hope to see you soon.

Signing off for awhile, way more joyful than when I started:

Ariel, Lion of God 😉