Le Dulce

The plan: a foodie “roadtrip”. I have 7 food places that I want to try and I will try to hit them all in one day. 

Starting in downtown LA and working my way to Culver City, I plan to go to:

  1. Le Dulce
  2. Louis B
  3. Chapaulines (that’s just food, going to Koreatown)
  4. Korean Fried Chicken (again, just food, but c’mon, where do ya think?)
  5. Chocolate Chair for Dragon’s Breath 
  6. Kogi Truck
  7. Azabu Sabo

The point is to spend less than $10 at each place and simply enjoy these places that I don’t take time to go to and/or simply pass by. The Kogi truck is the only one I’m not sure if I will make it, but I’m hopeful. We shall see.

Here’s le dulce: