Un/Planned small moments

2 more days of writing and I feel…like I want to scream. 


Today I was an extra in a web series that a guy was filming. I thought, why not? Nothing was going on at work and my supervisor said fine. 

The director/write reminded me of another gentleman who could draw me in as though he were made to do so. Such men, to me, are to be watched carefully. 


I’ve chosen to spend a month not writing, take a break. Afterward, I plan to focus more on several different projects that will simply keep me on task by showcasing at set points. That’s why school seems to work a lot better than “adulthood”, there’s a time limit to everything. While being an adult means all the time to do as you see fit or need to. 


In a world of people who think that every meeting is fate and every moment a possibility, I met a man today who gave a spark to that day, moment and time…and that’s all I needed.

A moment, not a lifetime at each othere throats or in each other’s hearts. Just a moment to give life to one another.

This too is what I need, small moments that give life to the moment, so my life is full of them and not simply one or two big moments and a dull life otherwise.

So this is me making time for planned moments of art and beauty and leaving space for unplanned moments of fun and surprise.