Today I did a thing

A big-small thing

I sent a message with a picture to a friend I am currently separated from to say how I used a birthday gift that they gave me.

We haven’t talked like we used to in over 6 months and that’s on me. I still need space because I am still hurting from all that occurred and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Either way I finished this art project where she gave me paint. Took about 5 months in total from concept to finish, but I was done this week. Another friend had given me paper so I sent her a picture of the few that were on paper. 

Which made me think of this other friend who fills me with a writhing sense of my own failings. And I decided, NO, I won’t be pulled around by what happened, but instead live here and now and just send it…via email, so she won’t immediately text back and think I’m ready to talk. 

Hey, protective steps are good.

And within minutes I got a message back saying they were beautiful.

And that was it. 

No one died, no one was hurt, all was well.

So yeah, a small thing that for me is pretty big.

It may lift an 1/100th of the weight off the problem, but who cares, I’m “taking care of business” sing it with me “EVERYDAY!! Taking care of business!” 

*continues humming to self with a quick sashay*