“One week in the library” review

This comic is rated mature, and it is…but it’s also simply…intense. it can be confusing, but in a doctor who way that is okay. Thing is, it’s also depressing. A lot of angst is just laced throughout and not in a healthy way to me. The comic broken up into the days of the week and shows a man who interacts with a fantastical library that seems kind of alive. We don’t find out more about him than those days involved, but what he himself knows. So unlike most stories where you enjoy knowing things because of other characters insight, this one is limited. Also there is a surprise ending that for ‘happily ever after’ fans wouldn’t be considered great at all, but I thought it ba lancet with the rest of the book. 

This will be the only one I read, but I’m not saying it was bad, just not for me. Like eggs.