A GOOD day

You know when you just have a feeling a day is going to be awesome or at least great?

Today I planned to go see The Dark Tower and it was GOOD. Just what I thought it would be, like a great taco. 

But before we left home one of our hot water pipes was leaking so we called a friend for help. He’s one of my favorite PEOPLE like if you knew a person who was mixed with Macguyver and Redington from The Blacklist, you get this guy! He was over right when we came home from the movie and he let me tag along to pick up supplies and it was the best. He taught me how to get into a locked vehicle AND hot wire it. The idea is that if I’m either in a bad situation or locked out of my car I am always taken care of if I have the right tools. He’s one of those dad types who thinKS defense is a high priority and I agree!

Once that was all done I found this hilarious thing: 

“Looking at you Hunter x Hunter and a few others that went from sunny to evil!”

And thus my day was a very, very happy one.