Here’s the plan

Someone posted this:

…and I decided to make my own version of joy. The idea is to get myself doing things I want to do, but I simply haven’t been doing. So, today, simply to get started, after work I took my time. I played around at the library, hung around Target, tried on some pants, looked around some small shops that have anime/manga goods. Instead of just rushing home to sleep and yeah, my feet did hurt, but I also was happy. 

Taking time to enjoy different scenery, not waiting for other people to go do something that I’ve been wanting to do…they all add up to a cup of hot joy. 

Adding a little bit each day instead of expecting one gigantic dallop of joy to satisfy me for a few months or even a year. It’s like eating, needs to be mostly thrice daily and differentiated for cycle and taste buds sake.