Back to basics

So it took me a second, but I have found that my last day of writing will be on the 18th of August. I feel like the last few weeks and maybe even months has been about me just saying how my days went. Yet, looking back I see that I started this to fill my soul up. After my friend and I stopped hanging out…I got a little depressed and didn’t want to focus on being happy. I just wanted to not feel angry and hurt. Which is normal for me, but doesn’t help in the long run when I do it for too long. Then I got the job and then I REALLY wasn’t focusing on the blog in the way I first intended.

So for the next few days till the 18th I will be doing what I first intended: finding my hope and taking it in.

Small hope like looking at notebooks online to larger ones like accomplishing my short term goals. I’m not at the level point where I can do any of my big goals, but I need to stir up the fire for chasing after hope and making it part of my daily.

Also I really want to know why I randomly started a blog on a Thursday and the 18th. I know I didn’t want to wait and end up not doing it, but man that’s strange.

Well, I’m off to buzzfeed for some fun randomness.