Hugs before words

I wish I had a magic carpet sometimes so I could fly to wherever and hug people. 

I have a school friend who I found out lost a baby, a church friend who got criticized for having a baby and another who got called out for having too many babies. 

And I’m at a loss on how to help a lot of the time. All I can think is hug the friend and slice open the leg of the perpetrators. 

But that’s certainly not Christian and not going to help the situation. Especially for the friend who lost a baby. There’s no one to fight. 

I feel like that a lot: there’s no one to fight! 

Diesease, death, ‘life’…there’s no one specific person to fight. I think that’s why guys are always starting fights randomly. They have all this anger at the world and their people are hurting and all they can do is take it on someone willing to fight back. Even if they get knocked up a little at least they let out some of that steam.

But I can’t really give a hug over the internet. Physical touch is way different from *hugs*. 

And so my carpet idea….