Next steps

Fast approaching august and that is my official stopping point. I haven’t checked the date, but it will be a full year since I started blogging daily. It has been hard since I started working and honestly the stopping point can’t arrive sone for me.

Yet, simply stopping gives me this feeling that I won’t be writing ever again.

When I first did this for one month I felt satisfied with that month and I was ready to stop. Than a few years later when I began the yearlong blog I found myself excited to continue, but thinking I wouldn’t make it. Now I have and I want to stop cuz I’m tired, like being in a marathon and just ready to stop tired. However, I don’t want to stop entirely and want to begin to do something else that pushes me to write everyday, but maybe not in a public way. Or maybe start putting up my poetry or write short stories or post drawings. (Yeah, no to that last one.)

But still this weekend I’m going to look through my options and decide how I want to move forward. I won’t delete this, for sure, but neither do I know what I want to do with it. Maybe I will let another few years go by and pick it up for some new project. Either way I’m happy at my accomplishment and am looking forwaRd to next steps.