Sherlock vs Watson revisited

For years I have looked for a Sherlock of my very own and I would be their Watson. Someone who would bring adventure practically by sneezing. Yet, I only found Watsons, or Blair Waldorfs who either wanted a Sherlock to follow or and army to rule or at the very least a Serena who was worst than they were. (Gossip Girl)

When I was myself and at ease I even found my own male Irene Adler and he was magnificent. Not meant to be, but still magnificent. 

I have so run from being my own version of myself that it takes time to find her. She’s hidden deep under the layers of other people’s version of me. She’s vivacious and stunning, slightly inappropriate and not very kind, skirts the line between good and bad, but is never evil and the good can be found even in the bad. She is no Snow White, but very much the wonderminded Ariel, and gets stuff done closer to a Daenerys, but wants to be free like Elsa.

So here I am planning a thing. I won’t build “one” me; I don’t have only one side to me. I have tried to force this normalcy long enough. I will build styles based on the intricate inner world that is my mind, body, soul and spirit. I want my inner and outer to self to showcase my full self and not just the sides of me people want to see. 

…those sides are so boring.