“The” moniker

I had an acquaintance who used to add “The” to the beginning of my name. I’m sure I could have taken this in many negative or even positive ways, yet, I always saw this as her way to show me what she thought about our differences, the status of our friendship even. 

She saw me as this princess type, aloof, going places and a tad snobby. She never called herself that so I’m assuming she considered herself as a “normal person”. She liked herself, sure, but didn’t considered herself to be royalty. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. 

It also goes in the reverse. Young ladies who think of themselves as better and thus everyone else are…peasants? Maybe that’s too harsh, but divas can be hilarious and come in many forms.

I recognize that people see me in a particular light and based on how other people have treated them, they treat me either as lower or higher than themselves.

So, sometimes I get treated like a princess or sometimes like a respected servant. 

In the past I have laughed at this in the way a scientist may laugh at a test subject who has taken over the experiment and preens around as the leader. 

Not so much any more. Now it’s just annoying. I was trying to make real friends and they thought in terms of hierarchy. To me we were always equal, but when they pushed me into a “role” I emotionally stepped away and just let them do their thing. 

I’m not “the” anyone yet. Unless it is THE Morgan Freeman or THE Shahrukh Kahn….none of us count. I get that people need certain levels of thinking to survive, the Queen bee needs strength to make it in Hollywood and the missionary needs humility in India (bless you Amy Charmichael), but when it comes to friends? 

I don’t need that crap. I need friends.