Not a victim

The week i read a story called “Rebelt of the kasbah” by Joe O’neil and it brought me back to the enjoyment of “The White Fox Chronicles”. I loved this book as a kid and even though both of these stories are in the middle school section…there is a whole lot of torture in both. And killing in general.

I’m not against it and many kids need to have their world’s expanded…. but I’m getting off my soap box here before I go to far.

The highlight was this picture right here. This ‘street rat’ is taken in by this nice Asian lady who turns out to be so much more and she tells him this here.

And I want to believe it for some reason. I have likes and dislikes that people don’t agree with or like, but I also am someone who in the small things allows people to push her into a container that’s not even meant for them.

I want to be bold and alive, but my way and I haven’t really been willing to fight for that because I am simply exhausted fighting to be what people want. 

But…what little steps can I take to stop having this knee jerk reaction toward what others want me to be and who I am?