The guy on the bus

So, there’s this guy.
HA! It’s been so long since I started a sentence like this.

He looks around my age, takes my bus and has style that makes me want to ask him where he got it from. So few guys have everyday style.

But that’s not everything.

It’s his eyes! They have this way of smiling or sparkling and inviting ya in. They are alive!

Seen him twice now and he really brightens my day.

I haven’t had a crush in a long time and to have one with a stranger is…strange. I mostly know the guys or have at least spoken a “hi, hello”.

Without even a hello I begin to feel…Victorian Agey. I feel like I need an introduction. Yet, I’m in the person who will simply say hello to a person for no reason. I don’t want to marry him, he just seems interesting.

….do I want to spark a conversation with a stranger, just cuz they seem interesting? If I was on vacation I would….so why is it do different when I’m dealing with normal life. I’ll make up my mind later.  I don’t go to work on Friday at the same time so I won’t see him till Monday. A weekend is a good amount of time to decide an approach.