It’s the little things you know?

I would love to say I have a great quote for this picture like “no crossing the stret without smoking” or “always look backward when crossing the street” or “warning:poltergeist crossing”…but I’m not so clever on the spot except rare occasions.

And I’ve had all day to gestate an answer.

What I do have is a thought. 

My dad asked me if I would ever date one of the Doctors of Doctor Who AND I told him no. I don’t date arrogant, broken puppies on speed. Thanks, but I need more chill.

What I do like is the Abed type from Community. Someone you can watch TV with and eat cereal. Travel is good, but not with one who finds trouble and has to save the world in every place.

I like the little things in life that are funny and a surprise and I just happen over in my everyday life. It’s how I got my last two jobs. The everyday little things like atoms that crash together and become a wave. 

They make me happy.