Caution: pissed off for no reason

This week I found myself simply irritated. Nothing going on I was just irritaed. So anything that I normally find irritating was 10 times more so. 

HSP+new job-downtime-God time=irritated

So on sunday I spent most of the day simply resting, talking to God and painting. 

By the beginning of Monday morning I had finally found a little key on some old insecurities, and got rid of them and felt a ton better.

Yet, I still couldn’t figure out what was so bothering me.

Sitting here I begin to think about when time without a shower goes by. The more time the more irritated my skin feels, I personally boil over easy and can cry at the drop of a hat.

I begin to wonder if my soul is the same, that if I don’t have a soulful shower i.e. talking to God, chilling and doing meditative things like painting, that I can get overwhelmed by everything.

No one thing, just everything. Well more in the life of an HSP infj!