The law vs the spirit of the law

Christian thoughts here.

I love God, sometimes tho he doesn’t make a lick of sense. Reading his word is also a hassle. Thus I have my Beloved Holy spirit.

Men create laws. They also go around them, subvert them, make a fool of them. Like math, it doesn’t make the law wrong, it means that people are clever and many other things.

I also love kids, but man they can be shifty. My littlest brother and I had a conversation where I told him I could see his underwear and to pull up his pants. He responds with “why r u looking?” There was a 5 minute back and forth of me telling him to pull up his pants and him asking why I’m looking before I gave up. 

I wasn’t wrong, but his glib, clever, and I’ll admit, cuteness, made it difficult to get him to put on a belt. 

People are no different.

The law that is Christ is perfect, but people are clever. Doesn’t make it wrong or them right, it makes them clever.

Living life as a Christian can be an ultimate headbanging 50 times on a wall experience. Yet, this is why we have the Spirit of the law. Not to help us subvert the law, but to live with it. 

‘Fairly Legal’ is an show from 2012 and the pilot is about a woman who is a mediator. She is mediating for a client when she realizes that a kid with a bright future may go to jail because of her client. The kid was driving when his home pulled out a gun on the client. The law would put this kid in jail, the spirit of the law would see that this kid really wasn’t involved and should be let off. The gunmen did go to jail, but the driver did not in the end. 

The spirit of the law takes in the whole story in a way that the law that is written for millions doesn’t in the same way that a paintbrush that is an inch doesn’t work for detailed work the way one that is an 1/8th inch.

These are thoughts as I said. Sure there are holes in it, but here are the beginnings of thoughts, the beginnings of possible greatness. And I have time.