‘Kiss him, not me’ review

I am very much into mange, anime really takes away for me. However, I have recently enjoyed several animes.

And now, for the first time, I have an anime that I have read the mange and the anime is better. 

‘Kiss him, not me’ is an anime/manga about a girl who is heavy into ‘boys love’ style (forgot the name of what she would be called.) And she looks at guys imagining them as couples. One day a character she likes dies and she hides in her room and loses a ton of weight making her a beauty. She’s uber nice on top of this and 4 guys begin to crush on her. 

I could not get into the manga. It seemed absurd and terribly rude, not to mention slow. The anime moves at a faster clip. Plus it seems less superficial and 2 guys seemed to like her before all this, so it cuts down on the crazy. I will say later she gains the weight back over a weekend (she needs to see her doc, that seems like a thyroid issue) and they pushould her to lose the weight for one of her events, but it’s obvious they are doing this for themselves and that’s bad. I will also say that her shipping people in real life is very perverted and wrong because she seems to be sexual about it. If a guy did that it would be gross and perverted and a few other choice words. 

On the whole it is funny and enjoyable and those points are just my feminist side thinking about how fiction vs reality play out. Looking forward to see who she ends up with.