Spill Zone  review

I hesitate to write about this story.

This is a FABULOUS manga…and oh so incredibly short. By short I mean that their should have been 2 other books of similar size added. 

This is a great beginning story, but it just up and stops. 

The plot is about a young 2 person family who are dealing with the aftermath of some kind of…attack, shall we say? No one knows what is going on, but they are trying to keep it contained, ignored and kept away from. Dangerous and odd whatever happened has left craziness that seems alien. 

There are a lot of hidden things and randomness that all equal to…um…am I supposed to wait a year for the next one? I get waiting a week for another epsiode or even 2 weeks, but this was an opening gambit that needed a month in between, not a year. 

Thus though I liked this and see where it is going…..I was so frustrated at the ending I didn’t write about it for a solid month after reading. 

Read at your own discretion and I suggest waiting till the full series is out. It will be good, but not worth the wait in between.