The second first day

Today I worked at a different branch of my work doing something completely different from yesterday. Walking with confidence I found people expecting me to know how to do a job I have never done before. It wasn’t difficult, but neither did I have a clue on how to do it. 

I found my own issues fairly quickly and was left with the same sense as when a person suddenly decides to work out and be healthy at a gym. Looking at all the people around me, I felt almost inept. Honestly, if I hadn’t had God telling me to not look at the people I might have felt more than a bit inferior. 

Yet, sitting outside and waiting for the bus left me with a great sense of satisfaction and wealth. I’m so used to leaving a job and feeling unhappy and almost sterile. Yet, when I left today I found this space of sheer contentment that left a literal smile on my face. Smiling for nothing isn’t a thing I do, so to do it without even thinking? What a day. 

The break in the tree is finally here.