The first day

Today was my first day of work after several years. 

There were little things that weren’t much and paid extremely little and meant nothing to me.

My last job was in retail and wasn’t meant to be my job, I was supposed to have a different job. I saved that company a lot of money and I wasn’t thanked for it nor was there any pay increase when asked. I was disheartened, hurt and resentful which turned into bitterness. 

Today…today I played with tape and played board games. The 4 hour day felt like 2 and for my break I got to read in the park. The person who invited me to work complimented me today after seeing me with a kid saying she made the right choice. Tomorrow, I will be organizing books which are my two best things. 

I am getting paid to do something I do as a hobby. I am being esteem boosted by managers. I am getting paid well and working at a time that is really good for me. My bus drops me off right in front of home and my job. 

This is the light in the trees. 

What once was simply darkness and dread feels tailor made for me. A moment in time. 

And I feel free.