I have a friend who has taught me that way of the crochet. (HA! Rhyming w/o meaning to.) So I did a normal scarf at first to get comfortable and then I tried these lovelies:

I have another, but that was my first, so it between me and the yarn.

The octopus is pretty easy to tell what it is. However I got creative and that is a baby dragon on the right and a pink and white panda in the middle. 

Or at least the plan was dragon, it looks more like a cow now to me… it’s fine.

Either way, it took much longer than it should have just because I got scared of the yarn and put it away for about a year. 

These will most likely be the last I make however, I did what I planned and am out of yarn now, so I want to move on to different projects. 🙂