Went to a party as batman. Had a cape and a hood and felt kinda awesome. 

I like going overboard and as an adult most people are very good with blending in. I can blend in…but when it comes to the things I like I go overboard. 

So I can often crash and burn.

I have been watching Abed on ‘Community’, avoided it because the white guy…Chevy chase maybe? REALLY annoys me. Either way, this Abed is hilarious, goofy and way into movies and I was thinking, this guy is sooo …awesome. I know he’s meant to be wacky and too weird, but this is the type of people I like. Yet, real life only offers people who are beige instead of their own package of markers. Or people like me who are cool, but you only find out when they bring out their markers out for really special occasions and only specific people involved. 

There was this show/movie that I in no way remember what itwas called where the guy says that he stayed his wacky self because he knew one day there would be someone who appreciated that. I envied that character as I wished I had done the same instead of having to learn how to be that person in my late twenties. 

I want to be that person who enjoys life and doesn’t simply go with others flow of it. Man that’s tough. 

Great sky tonight, glad I was alive to see it.