Going to FIDM

This weekend a mother asked me about my college because her daughter wishes to go there. We even made a lunch date, and usually that is just a quick ‘what did you get from it’ conversation. She was so persistent that I wanted to acquiesce…I’m usually more private and withdrawn when it comes to colleges because the people will make up their minds by themselves anyway. My words rarely have bearing.

I begin to question how I wish to talk to them. This won’t be the usual so I don’t wish to move forward with the usual either. Yet I have learned that overdoing is also not the way. I wish to hit a nice balance and not over or underwhelm. 

  • There is a hwavy support system, they want you to do well.
  • They each you how to survive outside the classroom.
  • Everything is provided.
  • The basics are taught.
  • They expand your horizons as much as possible.
  • Teachers are great
  • The library is wonderful…but not for the books. There is so much in there, it’s wonderful.
  • There are tons of possibilities they try to hook you up with in terms of work.
  • The graduation party is VERY cool. (Go with friends though, gets boring alone.)
  • Really for art people. This one is really important. I felt stuck to a few boxes and enjoying art from my hands that was different and my own, wasn’t encouraged. Here art is encouraged and thrives. 
  • Going home and saying I colored and drew that day and had snacks: priceless.


  • Very expensive.
  • They push loans and getting into the school too fast and too much.
  • They don’t explain materials and what they are for and do well as places to get them so well.
  • Basics and fire taught and if you are past this level it can be annoying.
  • There isn’t really a social scene, they try, but it isn’t a normal college.
  • The library’s book assortment isn’t fantastic. 
  • The time is in quartery so it is super packed.
  • Things that should be taught in all the different majors are only taught in the bachelor’s program.
  • The business side isn’t on a practical level in the fashion design and I think that can cause egos as well as future problems.
  • The fashion isn’t based on normal human people, but an ideal that very few can wear in actuality.
  • There isn’t a cafeteria with food, but Ralph’s is across the street. 
  • Smoking area is the whole park, which may be a problem for some.
  • Hard classes that make you wonder why you chose that school and having a breakdown at few times.

There are more, but these are the basics.

U guess I wonder what the goal is for this lunch. Am I like general giving the lay of the land to the incoming captain, so they know what they are in for? She really wants to go so she seems to choose that place anyway…so what does she really need from me in particular?