Infj issues

As an infj, there are a lot of random issue also that come up that don’t for others. For example:

Men are great, sure, but when you are open to so many things, just one can be boring when thinking of keeping him the rest of my life. Sure he can be fun for an hour but 40 years? I doubt it.  

Then there’s this problem:

I can sound like Solomon himself, full of wisdom and brilliance, when I write or have had a week or more to think of an answer. But give me a subject and say “GO!” and I’m more like Adam Sandler with just noises coming out.

And the worst problem:

I can really see people, without them telling me a lot because I pick up emotional and physical ques. Being a Christian I recognize spiritual too. So feeling a person’s feelings, “inner demons”, or attraction is normal. But I often have to explain my own feelings to other people and it gets exhausting. To have a person who doesnt just ‘get it, but feels it too? Who I can be intimate with on all the levels and not just physical? Goodness, I might have to move to find such a one. Maybe I should go on a journey! XD