My own flowers

Today I considered what it would be like to buy my own flowers. 

Waiting for a boyfriend after so long shows that this is a better option. 

More than that, I wonder if a woman shouldn’t buy things like jewelry, lingerie, flowers and special gifts simply because that is what is good for her. I find myself so focused on expecting others to give to me as I to them like the golden rule, that when nothing is given their is lack, mistrust, bitterness and heartache. A bit akin to waiting for a prince in a tower…sure some women get this wonder early on or at all, but I am in my late twenties now and am past the idea of waiting for a man to bring me flowers. Especially  when soon I will be able to purchase me own flowers, if I like.

To only celebrate when it comes to others isn’t healthy for me. Learning to celebrate my own experience, my days in this world, that seems healthy.