The medium matters

Yesterday was really short. Summer makes me want to be outside or sleeping or painting with the good light or any number of things. Writing isn’t the thing though. 

I have been uncomfortable with writing on my phone and instead of taking the time and going on the home computer I have just been getting more and more underwhelmed and not wanting to write. 

The medium matters.

Same goes for my watercolors. I love them and mostly it’s because the come out of a tube instead of from those flat, cheap, kiddie looking things. On top of being more practical, useful and I know what I am doing with them, I am also finding that they look more professional. In other words, instead of feeling like a kid with finger paint I get to enjoy feeling like an artist with tube of paint.

I wonder what other things I have stopped doing or enjoying simply because I wasn’t using the correct medium?

I know the bible for sure I got tired of even though I love God so much. Baking also is problematic even though I love the process, but hate the idea of being foxed to bake, which is the family business. Hmm.