Anime review: Yumeiro Patissiere

This past week I have been binge watwching Yumeiro Patissiere on youtube.

The story is about a young woman who after prompting from a pastry chef enters a boarding school whose focus is pastry. Hoewver, there is the added element of fairies that help make the pastries;  each one having the characteristic of the chefs. 

I enjoyed the anime, especially since manga is my thing, this was refreshing. It was a shoujo version of ‘Shoukugeki no Soma’. Which is more all foods based and not simply pastry alone. Why do cuisine and pastry have to hate on one another?? We all gotta eat, let’s enjoy it!

I did have issues with this though. 

  • This young lady is put into the second year class, top group and advanced classes and is never tested for placement. OF COURSE SHE FAILS! BAKA!
  • I REALLY couldn’t stand the rich girl, her laugh was horrible. 
  • The rich girl should have been called out for sexual harassment. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean it isn’t.
  • There was blatant cheating and NO ONE investigated?? Even just a simple change in tactics would have at least called out the thieves, but no one ever got called out…
  • Henri-sensei really was pushing it in the end.
  • When there is a wager, both sides need to have something they give up or they will only be pressure on one side. So often the mains were told to stop cooking or change partners if they lost, but nothing happened to the other side if they lost. Not realistic.

The things I liked:

  • These are basically real things and I got to find new things in real life to try.
  • The encouragement from everyone, even in competition.
  • The ideals in it were important, not just one, and related to current issues for me.
  • There were 50 episodes, so I can really enjoy.
  • The coloring made it all so vibrant.
  • Because I watched so much I ended up picking up a pattern and my mind tried to think of little Japanese sayings. 🙂
  • The voices were good, usually I don’t watch manga because the voices aren’t what I pictured from the manga, but I haven’t even read this manga. (If there is one.)
  • The dad was so sweet.
  • Mom acknowledging that she was favoring the other daughter and apologizing? Priceless.
  • Everyone changing and growing after failure  instead of letting it cripple them, was amazing. 
  • Seeing Ichigo reach out to her competitors was beautiful.
  • I really liked the heavenly maiden.

Those are the basics.