Father’s day to remember

After church we went to this pastry restaurant called Bonjour Pastry. I wantediluvian to get some for the whole family, so here is a green tea…thing, a Mont blanc(chestnut mousse), straw berry shortcake and a fruit tart for my dad taken from me upon arrival.

Yet to try it, but it looks perfect.

UPDATE: THIS IS AMAZING! The green tea has strawberry and even seaweed (??) And it all works so harmoniously that it is brilliant and perfect. The Mont Blanc is sweet sure, but this cookie underneath is soft, but still crunchy and hard in the best way. I will be going back for sure.

Once home, I kept smelling this chinese food like saltiness. It was my neighbor who is…brilliant and a home chef. She could easily start a restaurant based on the taste and plating. 

No joke, I leaned out the window, yelled into hers asking her what was she cooking and she sent her little boy over with a plate! 

I of course had to send over cupcakes as a thank you. She sent him back with a HOT chile sauce. It was like eating at a high class el pollo loco. No seasoning on the potatoes which REALLY balanced with the chicken. Not sure what the dressing is, but it also complimented everything. My dad laughed at me for yelling out the window, HOWEVER, was pleased to find out she was sending a plate over. 

We split it between the three of us, and goodness I’m glad I did.