99 Days review: I tried

I start by saying I didn’t make it past chapter 2.

This book starts with a young woman getting her house egged because she was unfortunate enough to have a jerk mother. 

If you have read “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han, and liked it, then this style might suit you. I, however, could not get past the mother. (Light spoilers, it was chapter 1, c’mon!)

The mother takes her daughters whole personal love triangle and writes a book and then either it gets out or she tells. Either way, People magazine tells the whole world and this young lady has to deal with the aftermath.

I was so upset at the mom who didn’t even think it was a real problem, didn’t seem to even vendors think this was her problem that she didn’t apologize. Or at least not at that point of the story, this was such a an angering point for me and personal betrayal that I didn’t want to spend the whole time reading getting anry at a person who doesn’t exist. And then most likely taking it out on family who have done nothing.

So as I’ve said, I tried, but such a blatantric betrayal that a person isn’t even apologizing for is not something that sits well with me at all, so back to the library it goes!