Finally finished Mass Effect Andromeda 

After months of gameplay I am finished with this year’s more if not most controversial game.

It was buggy, I won’t lie, but whoo it was also worth it. Also, not too many spoilers, but unlike ME3 there was an ending already in place that slowed the descent to the ground instead of smashing into the floor of ‘the end’. Appreciated the change.

I will be sending Bioware some info as there were a few strange bugs after the latest patch. 

Peebee may now be my favorite asari, but Lexi was also amazing. (Also helped that she’s Margery from Game of Thrones! :D)

Drack though is my all time ‘best part of the game’. Liam was my fave, but just like Kaidan in ME3, he got a bit annoying. Plus he annoyed most of the crew when rising around on planets. I REALLY wanted more interaction with Jaal as he was just as cool character. If anyone knows a Jaal or Drack type person, send them my way. 

There were some great moments that also felt like starship battles from a Star Wars movie. 

Oh and, yeah, that purple haired person in the middle of this picture is the character I crafter. Tried to get her to look like me, but then I got excited over the options. If anyone hasn’t already, but will play this game, turn your character face when you make them. That depth for nose and jaw is important. First time I did it, she looked like a chimp.

I won’t be playing any more games any time soon, hurts my shoulders, guess I get tense ;P. My da however is pushing me to conquer Doom. I started playing it as a refresher before MEA, but didn’t continue. May go back, just not soon. 

Need food and a nap. This was great.