Potatoes and tea make things better

I hate being teased. I feel belittled even if that wasn’t the persons intention. I remember those moments too. Today as I made this dish, I remembered a few of them and instead of feeling hurt alone, I let the feelings flow and began to sing to myself. Encouraging myself as if I had gone back in time and been the person I needed, to hear love flowing instead of harshness.

Somehow I felt better. More than better, really good.

Learning how to be the adult I needed as a kid has been tough, however, I think God and I are sculpting someone I can truly depend on. I’m listening to myself and moving on what I feel. I can’t change the past, but healing the wounds isn’t as painful as learning how to do so. In many ways, it is fun.

I’m hoping to have some good news to share in a few weeks, maybe days, but I want to wait till I am 100% and right now it is closer to 80%?

Time for a cuppa.