I want a baby (nope)

So, I’m in the middle of Mittelschmerz aka: my body wants to have a baby and thinks that causing pain will induce me to want one too.

I don’t, but it’s odd that so many things related to having a baby are related to pain for a woman. A man ejaculating is pleasurable, a woman ovulating can be obsessively painful. Even sex itself can be anywhere from uncomfortable to painful for a woman, but is a good portion just pleasurable for a man.

I’m not holding this against them, I simply think it odd that for woman, the process of “a happy miracle” can range from uncomfortable to painful to the nth degree. With some ‘disgusting’ thrown in.

My friend is pregnant and I am thriled for her, but she is throwing up every day with a hope of ending in the 10th week or later. My other friend didn’t ever really stop, so it is different for everyone. 

I took Pamplin and am fine now, but it took me a second to think, hmm this isn’t going away and it’s increasing. Then 20 minutes for it to kick in. 

I’m not saying babies aren’t necessary for humanity’s survival…I’m saying that it sucks that it has to happen this way.