Wonder woman thoughts and review


  1. Gal Gadot was amazing!!
  2. Chris Pine was calm about everything. No matter what she did, he just WENT with it.
  3. Diana/wonder woman=Artemis goddess of the hunt. I feel dumb that I didn’t know that.
  4. I love that music, humming it for a month I think.
  5. Called it on the bad guy and then changed my mind, only to be proved correct.
  6. …why didn’t the Germans speak german? They had subs for everything else…except the Native American… Would have been cooler them speaking German.
  7. Good message.
  8. Captain America much??? I mean I saw it coming, but still.
  9. Showing a mostly naked man in an awkward position instead of a woman and also that woman not even caring aaannnd that man caring more about it than her…thank you. Money’s worth.
  10. Having everyone around Chris Pine freak out over everything she does, but him remain calm: I need 2 more movies of this.
  11. I want a movie for the secratary, pre- and post-Diana.
  12. So very happy with it.
  13. Man those women fought cool. 
  14. Was this really DC?? It looked so much more like Marvel, literally there was a lot more physical light in it.
  15. Watching this with a man who is a bit sexist…ugh. should have seen this with some geek women.
  16. Want to meet Gal Gadot now.
  17. Won’t say spoiler, but I have questions about the end. 
  18. Also liked that Batman never appeared, this was HER movie.

Now I just have to wait for the Black Panther.