‘Ae dil hair mushkil’ review

God, this movie!

My one negative comment, why didn’t the songs have subtitles???!

That out of the way, lord, did I cry with this movie. I really didn’t expect this. This is one of Bollywood’s romantic comedies that turns into tragedy. Hollywood so rarely is able to carry this off and sticks with the way of Hallmark, and that’s not bad to me. However, when they try to do this, I think they fail in comparison to Bollywood.

Aishwarya Rai-Bachan?? Woman hasn’t lost a thing after her time off. To say she is better…I’m very close to it. In Dhoom 2 she was epic, but this one was epic, human, but a woman who has been through a lot and come out the other side knowing herself. I love it.

The guest appearances caught me off guard, but I loved it. 

This does remind me of another Bollywood, but because that might mean spoilers, I will leave it alone. 

The main “couple”? …I had mixed feelings about. I like them, Ranbir Kapoor had a character I’ve only seen played by women really and Anushka Sharma’s character was cool if not predictable. Thing is, toward Sharma’s character, Kapoor’s character becomes viOlentangy and I don’t approve of that. Nobody should be beatin up anybody and choking them. Male to female or female to male. Not ok. 

I also wonder about Sharma’s insistence to not have a romantic relationship. There was this sense that she was just choosing not to, but because it was from Kapoor’s point of view it lends that this is his way of seeing it. 

I approve of relationships that are pure love and just friends. I think it’s important, but I know few who can handle that. Loving someone where they are and what they need as opposed to loving they way you need and want…There needs to be balance.

The music was amazing and cool dancing. There were parts that did drag slow in areas, but still worth watching. I may or may not watch it again, but I will play the songs again just to know what they were singing! 🙂