Barney Stinson style

I found this on pinterest.

Got me thinking.

We see women who are well dressed most of the time. 

This picture is an anomaly in most normal circles. 

The idea of a tracing a mate for men and women is different, however…when a man is dressed like this a woman is prone to say this is amazing. 

I submit that men are losing out on women boosting their ego simply because they aren’t willing to look attractive to them and are only looking at their male peers. 

A man who doesn’t dress like this on our first date, unless it is at the beach or another nature spot would not get a second. 

Not everyone can be Barney Stinson, but the ones who dress like him are more likely to get a date who wants them to come back. Dress less than me and you will lose me. You don’t have to be metro or gay to look good. You just have to think, I want to get laid. Wives and girlfriends want this too, not just a one night stand. So pay attention to sizing and get dressd well.