Sketchbook making

Yesterday, this is all I did.

10 notebooks, some for writing, most for sketching. 2 even are tea stained!!!

I’m going to make a stamp that has my signature so they are all mine.

I made them for myself but they are so good they look pro and it’s hard not to think about selling them. 

I was given all of it through various sources, so all of it would be profit…

But thinking about money when I create is against my rules right now. Create for fun, money can come later. I don’t want to get into the ‘retail arena’ again. No more burning out. 

I am also going to add special paper, but I wanted a pic of them all so nice and white. 

Still debating if I will sew or glue. The paper is thicker than what I used before. We shall see. 

Either way…this has really been a full filling experience. I want to continue and I don’t usually feel like that. Not going to jinx it by saying anything else, I just really enjoy this.