To hair or not to hair

Was that a bad title? Felt goofy.

When I cut my hair, my friend really encouraged me while my family had varying moments of horror, regret, pressure and shaming.

The hardest thing was my mother who said that a man likes hair and my future husband would not like it if I cut it.

I don’t even have a boyfriend.

The person who wrote this whisper was standing with her mum to show her love and conviction.

I was doing it for style and freedom.

I chose not to shave it because of how long it would take to grow back, but after seeing how long it takes to grow, it wouldn’t be a problem in the future.

In praying about it afterward, God said he likes both, the long and the short. He was the one who first encouraged me to cut my hair since it was what I wanted. 

If God of the universe is good with me cutting my hair…

I’m not going to let a guy who isn’t here and, if he were that type to break up because of hair, doesn’t care about what I want or like in this life…I don’t want him in my life.