Played a game vs scanned the Galaxy for life

There’s a reason we read and watch TV and play video games and that’s to experience things that aren’t necessarily a part of our everyday life.

When we say that we ONLY did certain things like play video games or ONLY read a book then it begins to desensitize the experience and enjoyment of those things. 

We are creators and producers by nature and so when we do things that don’t produce anything but enjoyment or is attached to entertainment, something inside us thinks that this is inherently wrong.

Last night, I was wasn’t feeling well and I spent most of the night awake trying to take pills, not be uncomfortable or scream in frustration. So I woke up at 2 p.m. and to anyone else looking in from the outside they might just see me waking up at 2 o’clock because most likely if we were to have a conversation I would simply say that I wasn’t feeling well or that I woke up at 2 and I’d laugh. As if that was all that went on we take away so many of the details that were left with …less.

Yesterday, I was able to enjoy a movie called Dear Zindagi a Bollywood with Shahrukh Khan. I will talk all about it because it was very personal for me but one of the things that was brought up is that we are told not to cry we are told not to be angry or hate and then somewhere in there when we go to love we have no idea how to do that. Because emotions are emotions and it doesn’t matter if they’re negative or positive if you stop one or half of them then how do you relate to the other half. 

I bring this up because …for many reasons.

I like video games and I like them because of what I can do with them that I can’t do here. I can’t go to a different galaxy we just don’t have those tools right now. I can’t fly around in a spaceship i dont have enough money for that. I Read Manga for its impossibilities and romance for the sheer amount of possibilities. I watch Bollywood because they are so often sweet and innocent. I watch Korean dramas because they’re often fun and playful.

The point is there are tons of paths that I can’t commit my entire life to, but I want to enjoy. 

…and disregarding them seems as bad as disregarding whatevery else is special to me. 

My conclusion? I think I need to start making things that are important to me…special and not let others define it negatively or neutrally.