Looking for satisfaction 

I’m not gonna finish this book….

My heart wanders looking for its home. 

Today my pastor spoke on things that satisfy you. Your gifts and talents that once finished are like living water to your soul.

When I have one on one conversations with friends and I minister to them, flowing in the spirit or even when they minister to me, I am satisfied. When I made that notebook for the first time, I was completely high on satisfaction.

Yet…this was the first times I had felt such things. 

I have prophesied for hours, spwaking in tongues and english. I have spent hours dancing and singing, for God or myself. I have done tons of ministry and work of all kinds…and none has given me that satisfaction he talked about. 

Today I’m reading this book and this highlighted part sticks out. 

The things that call to me I have ignored because they weren’t “Christian enough” or would make money. The things I am good at are not necessarily things I like or enjoy doing. 

Asking God he said I’m right where I need to be, but still I have this hunger inside of me that burns and yearns to be filled.

….And my heart wanders looking for its home.