‘The Tasting Menu’ review

So ‘the tasting menu’ prompted this picture. I got a sweet tooth halfway through and this is what happened. 

Honestly, I wasn’t im pressed with the movie. As a foodie, I love movies and shows about food, books not so much because food is a food percentage about the senses and not just the mind.

This movie ZOOMED past all the food and then would not say what anything but 2 dishes were. I had to guess about the rest and even then I have no clue if I was correct. 

Maybe the story was supposed to be about the people, but there wasnt enough there to be as interesting, not enough surprise. And the usual artsy way to handle it wasn’t there either. I can’t dismiss the enjoyable artsy way a movie can softly focus on the people and their lives and then focus on gently on the food, but this didn’t do that. Everything was too close and in-depth in the wrong places, to the point of discomfort. I wish they had focused the movie like they did the ending, maybe even had sweeping camera angles around the restaurant and people so you get the food and people in groupings instead of one at a time. Their personal stories didn’t have enough information for me to want to focus so much on them.

Well, another day.