Happy geek Day??

Who knew this was a thing? I’m so used to just may the 4th!

Found my favorite Asari:

Image result for happy turkey geek day

….or maybe not. Peebee is sincerely growing on me. Love the random flirtation that is fun, but just that.

According to Wikipedia this came from Spain in 2006, but can go back to New York in 1999 and the whole concept is to simply promote geek culture.

This is also the day we celebrate Towel Day! If you have read ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ than that is your clue for what the day means. If you haven’t read it…spoilers, go figure it out. It is a great read or watch the movie. Not as good but when do geeks say the movie is better?

Either way, today I will walk around in full splendor with some geek shirt, or my geek shoes and a towel, firmly wrapped around my neck and enjoy my favorite hobby.

Have a great one!!