‘And were off’ review

I finished my first library haul book today. (Short read)

I did finish this,but there were a few skipped pages. 

I’m not sure what to make of this main character.

She’s an artist, she’s teen angsty-but for good reasons, she’s on tumblr, she has no clue how to pick guys, she let’s her friends and family walk all overy her…I don’t know. The mix is odd when reading, but seems normal when I write it like this. 

The story is simple, girl gets a euro trip before college to enjoy art but her mom decidesign she has to go with her last minute.

…I peaked to 3/4 of the way through just hoping mom was gone by then. Mom doesn’t leave for a long while. 

I REALLY don’t like the mom in this. She has a lot of issues that need doctor or Jesus help! I was getting more and more ‘toss her in the river’ kinda feels and I just wanted her gone. I also called it on her work situation early on, but none of the work stuff or why she is there makes since till she explains herself.

I actually told my own mother about the mom and she got upset as well. She started with not being that kind of mom herself and by the end was saying she would slap her own mother is she was like that.

And people, my grandmother scares everyone, so understand my mother doesn’t say this lightly. 

The mom sucks.

I don’t understand the best friend or the crushes in this book at all. Though the best friend makes a bit more sensemble when you find read Nora letter to her in the end.

Either way, this is why the girl code exists, just because your friend says it is okay to date their crush or ex boyfriend or ex husband or WHATEVER, doesn’t mean that she means it. She’s most likely lying or doesn’t know how it will affect her. Not sure about guy friends, but girls? My friend dated so many of the guys I liked and I let it go, but hurt a lot. Like hot knif cutting the skin knife.

Better to avoid. 

On the whole I would have liked 2 additions: 

  1. The artwork that she creates within the pages, even if it is in black and white.
  2. A slower wrap up. Nora and her mother’s change as well as the ending are so quick there is nothing to savor.

Also cursing if you care about that.