‘P.S. I Like You’ review

This week I finally got a ok book from the library. 

‘P.S. I Like You’ is a quick snack rom com that is holding some real depth to it. Underneath all of this teenage angst is this deep pain and hurt. I skipped through the beginning and got to their penpaling back and forth. I am usually intrigued by people who write to one another within a novel. It seems slightly ironic somehow, or maybe appropriate. The author deals with the young man’s sense of loss with his father that is fairly appropriate as opposed to arbitrary. Her other novels usually include a bit of realness that doesn’t simply add or eclipse the story, but is the under current professing the story. Necessary for its flow. Not the best book, but as I have said it isn’t about things being great or awesome, it’s about the moment and having the best in it for that moment.